20 Sextos: be sensual by SMS without being vulgar

It’s so nice to receive exciting little messages any time of the day. For women and men alike. We all operate, more or less, through the imagination and unfulfilled fantasies that make you lose your mind. So how to titillate this guy who pleases you or even, with whom you share your life, by message?

It’s always nice to receive exciting little messages at any time of the day. For women and men alike. We all operate, more or less, through the imagination and unfulfilled fantasies that make you lose your mind. So how to titillate this guy who pleases you or even, with whom you share your life, by message?

Here is a series of Sextos for you:


Here is a series of Sextos for you:

1) « I’m in my bath, I just wanted to tell you that I think about youi«

Sensual. You are in your bath so the message is already sexualized because it implies that you are naked.

2) « I’m naked under my dress, I’m starting to feel cold. Do not delay too much«

3) « I bought some whipped cream and I have some ideas for tonight 😉«

4) « I’m in my bed, I’m waiting for your hands on my skin. »

5) « I’m hungry, I’ll bite you piece by piece. »

6) « It’s been two weeks since we last saw each other. You can’t imagine what state I am in. You may be surprised!«

7) « I tidied up the desk, we never tested the desk. No ?!? ; p«

8) « Do you have handcuffs at home? Don’t ask a question and bring them back, it’s urgent!«

9) « I love you. Especially when we make love«

It flatters the ego! Men like to hear that their machine brings pleasure and happiness and is good for something.

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10) « I put on your favorite panties today »
You play on complicity. Only he knows what these pretty panties look like, which he likes so much. Bingo!

11) « I know we have to meet again tomorrow but I loved what we did last night so much that I can’t stand to wait another night to start over!«

12) « When will you come to unwrap your surprise gift? »
This sext works with a photo. Let me explain: you put on stockings, remove your bra, put on a tailored jacket that you fold over your chest. And there, assured effect. Your recipient will be in a hurry: run to join you.

13) « I want to lay my head on your chest, and my lips on your neck »

Using possessive adjectives is to prove to him that it is HIM and nobody else who gets you in all your states. And that, inevitably, it excites.

14) « Earlier, when I went to your job, I saw you in a suit. You turn me on dressed like this! I would have given everything to be your secretary ».
Bonus: possessive adjective + the secretary’s fantasy.

15) « I want you »
Soft, simple, concise, direct and without vulgarity.

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16) « I have a problem with my washing machine. Do you want to be my plumber tonight? »

17) « Right now, now, I don’t care if you’re with me. I want you to be in me »
It’s getting hot!

18) « Tonight I decided to start at the top and end at the bottom »
A little glimpse of what awaits him when he comes home. It may end sooner than expected.

19) « I wear a black dress that perfectly molds my curves. I put a few drops of perfume on my neck. Underneath, a red lace ensemble is waiting to be savagely removed. You know what you have to do »

20) « Come for 9 p.m., I would really want you. Be careful, afterwards, it will be too late »
It’s good to put a little pressure sometimes.

10 more sexting to be sensual without being vulgar 😉

21) I can no longer wait for your hands, my whole body burns with desire imagining your lips to land on each part.

22) Imagine me with my stockings, my corset and my tuxedo jacket. I am thus lying in bed, I am waiting for you.

23) I want to make all your wildest fantasies come true, run my tongue over your chest and go down until I hear your moans of pleasure. I wanna do whatever you want me to do.

24) I want to make love with you, all the time, everywhere, I will never get tired of it.

25) I wait for you quietly in bed but soon I will turn into a devil if you do not arrive soon.

26) Since I tasted carnal pleasures with you, it is impossible for me to think of anything else. Every night before I fall asleep, I remember our bodies as one, your hands gripping my hips, your mouth nibbling my neck, your hands slipping all over the place …

27) You made me addicted to your body, every evening that we spend without seeing each other, without being able to make love, is an evening that should not have existed.

28) Tell me your fantasy and I will make it come true tonight.

29) Come join me in my bath, it’s an order.

30) I would like you to spend your life in me.

How to send good sext?

The sext is a formidable and often infallible weapon! To be used and abused within your couple to give it back all its colors of yesteryear or to spice up the beginnings of a relationship even more. Want to write a perfect sext? Here are some essential (basic) rules!

1/ Don’t judge yourself, go all out ! Let your fingers run on the keyboard, the more you will be uninhibited (e) the more you will drive your partner crazy with excitement!

2/ Pay attention to the spelling. Frankly, receiving a sext full of faults takes away its charm! A beautiful sext with a perfect spelling, that’s exciting!

3/ Make sure your partner likes it. Because if you write a sext to turn yourself on, it’s not going to do much believe me!

4/ Go all out on fantasies. If you know your darling’s fantasies, do not hesitate to write them down or even to detail them. Of the kind : ” Tonight I start with … »

And you, an idea for a sext?

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This article is also available in French: Sexting messages: being sensual by sexting without being crude

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