2021 French F1 GP: Aston Martin sets a date for its world title

Aston Martin ambitions to win the title. It is not a dream that you have suddenly had. They have been saying it for a long time. Obviously this year is not going to be. But in the following they want to be up. And no more than five seasons (in 2026) they intend to finally achieve glory.

Last year they fought to be the best team after the ‘Top 2’ (Mercedes and Red Bull). In the end that honorary place went to McLaren, but then Racing Point came very close to third (he finished fourth in Constructors in 2020).

This season they are ranked sixth with 37 points in the general team. They have two away from the fifth, AlphaTauri. But Ferrari and McLaren they are much further away. And that they come from a career in which Sebastian Vettel managed to get on the podium (second). At the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, the four-time champion scored his best performance of the season. If in Mnaco it shone, in Bak it was extraordinary.

Although Aston Martin is focused on the present, they also look askance at the future. This is highlighted by the recent statements of Otmar Szafnauer. « If we can be contenders for the World Championship in three or four years, it will be a success. And I think we would consider it a success to win the World Championship in five years. If we look at the teams that have recently won several world championships in a row, to Mercedes It took him four years to buy Brawn. And as far as I can remember, the time period in Red Bull after buying Jaguar Racing it was similar, also from three to four years, « argues the director of the British team, in a statement collected by ‘Motorsport-total’.

Otmar Szafnauer y Lawrence Stroll.

Otmar Szafnauer y Lawrence Stroll.@ F1

As it is, the team of Lawrence Stroll It intends to increase its staff and is also developing a new wind tunnel and a new factory. All this shows that the objective is clear: to reach the top in the next five years. Will they get it?

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