9 favorite sexy texts of men

Who doesn’t like to receive naughty messages from his or her partner? An image, a metaphor, a promise of a game of legs in the air … There are so many ways to raise the temperature from a distance. But basically, what kinds of text messages do men prefer? We tell you everything to send the best naughty texts.

How to excite a man by text message?

  • Texto sexy n°1 : le nude

It’s not a secret. Men are more visual, while women are more cerebral. You will understand, to make a man react very quickly to a sexy text, nothing like a naughty photo as indicated magady123 :

“Doing a striptease with his favorite lingerie set or a nude photo of me with ‘waiting for you’ written on the body…” Very Samantha Jones, all that.

You can send a nude of a part of your body that he or she loves. But let’s face it, the best is to send a rather suggestive photo, which reveals just what is needed. You might as well say that it might drive him crazy with excitement.

  • Men’s Favorite # 2 Sexy Text: Cash Text

No need to go four ways when you want to express your desires to your boyfriend, he might get lost. The solution ? A direct sexy text, with a clear message. Like that of blackepearle :

« You make me horny … » Translate as: « you make me horny. » It’s a sacred gesture to turn on a guy.

  • Sexy text n ° 3: flashback on our sexual relations

To excite a man, nothing like reminding him of what has already happened (if the memories are good). So, instead of telling him through the menu what you are going to do to him this evening, rather indicate to him that you cannot get out of your head (and elsewhere!) What he did to you the day before. It is certain that he will then want to create new memories for you. It is indirectly a way of saying to him « I know what you are capable of, but I challenge you to do better ».

  • Texto sexy n°4 : le texto timing

Poulpy Do not go back and forth and ask his man his conditions: « The little texts that I love to send are things like ‘at 11:02 pm I’ll want you’, and he’s rarely late … « 

Sexy texts to make each other want

  • Le texto teasing : le texto sexy n°5

Just like in a restaurant, you make your man salivate by telling him through the menu what you intend to do to him when you see him.

You undress him from a distance, you undress virtually, and you describe to him the sexual caresses, erotic massages and other sexual positions that you have in mind. It only remains to know if your partner will be able to wait for the dessert to be read before joining you!

  • Men’s favorite sexy # 6 text: striptease texting

Ok, men love sexy photos. But if you don’t like it, or can’t take a sexy photo of yourself (you’re at the office, at the movies, at your grandma’s), there’s another possibility.

Text him striptease. In other words a text that describes in a sexy way how you are dressed, in the form of one of the most beautiful striptease … by text! You start at the top and the top layers and end with lingerie.

It can even enter the naughty sms game, and send you, in turn, a written striptease. Unless he takes the lead and decides to virtually take off your panties quickly!

  • Coded Text: Men’s Favorite # 7 Sexy Text

imalildevil opted for a sexy coded text message, which did not displease her man: « One day, I sent a naughty message to my darling, but instead of writing it in letters, I left the numbers (example: sex becomes 7393). So he must have deciphered it. Afterwards, he said to me ‘it was hot boiling your thing, after each word there were so many possibilities’. « 

  • Sexy text n ° 8: impromptu texting

MzelleMoi play the card of sex message casually sending a sexy text to her man who is next door: « What is terrible is texting your darling who is in a room next door, something like ‘j ‘would have loved you to take me there now …’ Usually he arrives within two minutes! ‘ An original way to tell him that you want him when he’s around. Surprise guaranteed.

  • The sensual and romantic text: the sexy text n ° 9

Vincent85 send romantic texts to his girlfriend because she hesitates to take the plunge into sexy texting: « I miss you, I want you, to feel your skin … » And his girlfriend replies: « I miss you too, I ‘love ». Like what, sexting can also be romantic.

And how do men react to our sexting? Not always very well, if we are to believe the testimonies of Brush : « I sent him a sexy text, he was quick to answer the rascal! I quote: » Ah « . I’m going to hang myself, goodbye. » Before sending a sext or a sexy photo, make sure your partner or crush takes it!

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