American lists most stressful thing about Australia in TikTok video

An American woman living in regional NSW has shared a habit Australians have that leaves her stressed – revealing she’ll “never get used to it”.

An American woman living in Australia has revealed the “stressful thing you need to know” before moving Down Under.

Meghan Marie shared a video titled “Americans are never prepared for this in Australia” on Sunday – and since then it has already been viewed more than 350,000 times.

In the clip, Meghan – who goes by the handle @texan_in_oz on TikTok – said Australians love to “drop in” on each other, describing the habit as “stressful”.

But it seems she may have grown to love the casual catch up, explaining how she handles the situation when it is thrust upon her.

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“Thinking of moving to Australia, there’s something you need to know,” she begins.

“Something you need to prepare yourself for. Something that will stress you out.

“That thing is, dropping in.”

Meghan then goes on to explain Australians love to just “show up at your front door unannounced,” sharing the way she copes with the surprise visit.

“All you need to do is offer them tea and coffee,” she explains.

“Your house won’t be clean, but they won’t care,” Meghan continues.

“You won’t have any proper food to offer them and they won’t care.

“You might not be wearing pants, and they won’t care.

The woman, who said she lives in regional NSW, concludes: “You will never get used to this and it will always stress you out, welcome to Australia.”

Since being shared, the clip has racked up thousands of comments and almost 50,000 likes, many stating it also stresses out Aussies.

“Australian here, can confirm, it stressed me out too,” one person wrote.

“As an Australian even I get stressed by this,” another agreed.

“I’m an Aussie and this is so accurate. I am in constant fear of people just showing up,” one woman stated.

As well as many Australians explaining it affects them were people from other countries explaining drop ins occur there too.

“We do it in New Zealand,” one said.

“I’m Canadian and I’m pretty sure this happens in most countries. It’s just odd for Americans because you grew up in a gun-titin’ culture o’fear,” one claimed.

Some Australians though said this had never happened to them, insisting it must depend where in the country you live.

“What? We NEVER drop in. Never. What part of Australia was this? Not me no sir re,” a shocked local stated.

“I wouldn’t answer the door if this happened to me and I’m Australian. Don’t come over unannounced,” another agreed.

Others said they loved it, saying it was a normal part of life for them.

“We just love our mates. But tea and coffee… no girl, wine or beer,” one person said.

“Mate offer grog. Coffee is level one of friendship,” another teased.

“It doesn’t stress me out, I love it,” someone else added.

While one wrote: “My best friend dropped in this morning at 8am. I had just woken up. So I opened the door in a G-string and a singlet.”

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