Back to WhatsApp? This is how Telegram wants to milk its users

Whether new terms of use or data transfer to Facebook: In the past few months, many WhatsApp users have been looking for alternatives. Many ended up on Telegram. And anyone who has ever been there quickly learned to appreciate the new functions and options. But now Telegram wants to benefit from the rush of users.

→ Switch from WhatsApp to Telegram and take your chat history with you: It’s that easy

The Telegram Plan

We recently reported that Telegram will soon be displaying advertisements on its Messenger. The messenger operators have already announced last year. But only now has an advertising platform been presented. Telegram wants to advertise in large channels with more than 1,000 subscribers. In addition, advertising messages should not be longer than 160 characters. In addition, the messenger has issued a list that cannot be advertised. Accordingly, content that has to do with violence, sex or political issues is prohibited. Telegram also says it does not tolerate advertising for gambling, medical products, alcohol, tobacco and weapons. Even McDonalds and Co. are not allowed to advertise as the Messenger prohibits ads for fast food.

But now comes the next step in Telegram’s advertising program. The idea of ​​the makers: users who take out a subscription model and pay monthly can hide the advertising. How high the sum will be has not yet been determined. However, this measure also suggests that this could only be the beginning and that Telegram will soon be cashing in on its users. There is still no talk of advertising in private or group chats. But whether it will stay that way forever is questionable.

Back to WhatsApp?

Should Telegram significantly expand the advertisements, many users should leave the messenger as quickly as they came. And the alternative could then be: Back to WhatsApp. However, you have to know: WhatsApp also has a plan for advertising in Messenger in its drawer – and has been for a long time. You should now look carefully at how the reactions of Telegram users are before you deal with it again and sooner or later also display advertising. But then there is always another alternative: Signal. We’ll show you how easy it is to switch from WhatsApp to Signal.

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