Donation for a birthday – OnlyFans-Star donates income

At OnlyFans, Reno Gold is a star. For his birthday in December, he wanted to do something different this year because he was doing so well this year. His idea: to donate all OnlyFans earnings between December 1st and 7th to the Elton John Aids Foundation. For him it is a good opportunity to give something back to the LGBTI * community. The time to collect money is now over and gold could hardly believe it: The donation raised an unbelievable 27,000 dollars.

In one TwitterVideo, the OnlyFans cast thanked everyone involved in the fundraiser. Gold also had a few words to say to the numerous fans who shared their own experiences with HIV on his social media channels: “You are so brave. I am so proud. Your voices have been heard. And I want you to know: you are not alone. There are so many people out there who are going through the same thing and I am so happy that we could all come together like this. « 

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