Examples of how to write SMS sex –

How do I start a sexting conversation?

The sense of Sexting is to provide the recipient with a mental cinema, which can also count under foreplay. An example of how to do such SMS sex The discussion begins, “I’m half-naked in bed right now. Sad that you are not here.. ».

With this message, the partner can now imagine anything. If the partner answers something like « What would we do if I were there now? », You can either continue the conversation and write certain activities or leave it and answer, for example, « Next time you will see it;) « . With this answer you try to be a little mysterious in order to annoy the recipient a little.

SMS sex examples

  • « I’m at home alone, guess what we could do? »
  • « The last night with you was really nice 🙂 We have to repeat it again as soon as possible;) »
  • “Just thought of kissing your soft lips. Immediately got a head cinema;) « 
  • « I just had a movie in my head ..;) »
  • « I just had to think of you;) »
  • « It’s a shame you’re not here now! »

There is also a method, especially if you haven’t seen each other for a while or have written together, to write very short sentences to see how your partner reacts.

  • « I just took a hot shower »
  • « I’m home alone .. »
  • « You are allowed in »
  • « I could already .. »

This method is particularly suitable if you haven’t known your partner for a long time. This can be used to test whether or not that person is suitable for sexting as it is not for everyone.

These tips will help to guide sexting

In order for this type of conversation to run smoothly, it is important to follow a few rules.

Know what your partner is doing

It is always good to know before you start texting sex where your flirt partner is at that moment. If the recipient is in a meeting or is stressed out on an exam, the timing is of course a bit bad, as you should have a clear head during this discussion.

No long response times

If you get a sex SMS, you shouldn’t hesitate and continue the sexting immediately. It can be very annoying for the partner to wait for minutes for an answer. By waiting there is a risk that the sexual tension could be broken and the whole thing is no longer fun.

Another tip is not to write long texts, but to send several messages in a row. With this method, the recipient can gradually imagine the situation in his head.

Don’t forget emoticons

Pictures say more than a thousand words! That also counts with emoticons. These little pictures spice up the text further, making it even more fun for both of them.

Use sexy selfies while sexting

To trigger even more anticipation, you can

also send pictures. However, you should be aware here, especially if you don’t know your partner, what can happen to the pictures. Many, especially the men, think that when they show friends such photos that they feel cool.

Therefore, at least the face should not be visible in order to avoid embarrassing situations. In today’s digital world, such images can reach hundreds of people very quickly.

Sexting – Facts About Modern Foreplay

The word sexting is made up of the combination words « sex » and « texting », and is used more and more among teenagers and adults to get intimate pictures or dirty messages, too Dirty Talk called to send via messenger, like Whatsapp and iMessenger etc.

According to a research study by LoveGeist, 9258 singles were asked whether they had ever sexted or had texted sex from partners. The result is that 29 percent wrote such messages and 19 percent dirty news received from other people. If its about Nude pictures 7 percent sent such pictures and 15 percent received them.

Conclusion on sexting

SMS sex is a nice way to distract yourself from everyday life and imagine something nice. It is also very suitable for loosening up a relationship that is a little rusty. This type of foreplay is just as suitable if you haven’t seen the partner for a few days, as is the case in a long-distance relationship, and the desire is there. However, always have the thought of how much you want to reveal about yourself in the end.

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