Fifths and sixths could return to classrooms in the city of Oruro – La Patria newspaper (Oruro

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Faced with some verbal requests about the return to classrooms, in the city of Oruro there is the possibility of implementing the blended modality for fifth and sixth year high school students, a situation that will be known on Thursday, after an inter-institutional meeting with the Departmental Service of Health (Headquarters).

« There are verbal requests to work (in the modality) blended, at least, with fifths and sixths of secondary school by subject of the BTH (Humanistic Technical Baccalaureate) because it is more practical, obviously with all the biosafety measures », mentioned the departmental director of Education, Óscar Copa.


The meeting will take place on Thursday at 08:30 hours, from the Oruro Departmental Directorate of Education (DDEO) the respective invitations will be issued to the authorities of the Headquarters, parents, and the municipal mayor, Adhemar Wilcarani.

This request is only directed to fifths and sixths of secondary school, it is anticipating that the other levels will conclude the 2021 school year in the distance mode.

« That is why the Ministry of Education has already told us that it will make the necessary effort to deliver educational texts again for free for the third quarter, » he added.

Meanwhile, the distance modality is maintained in the city of Oruro, especially in educational units in the old town and those considered in high demand.

In the recently created urbanizations, several schools and colleges returned to the classrooms, due to the bad internet signal and the lack of technological equipment in the homes.


According to data from the DDEO, with the face-to-face modality there are 48 percent, which means 344 educational units; 24 percent are with the blended modality, this implies 173 educational units; and in the distance modality they are 27 percent, with 193 schools and colleges in the department.


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