Fire Department Called to Rescue Ann Arbor Woman After TikTok Sex Stunt Goes Awry

A Michigan woman had to call the fire department after a sex stunt she was performing on Tuesday went awry, PennLive reports. The woman, who teaches social media followers how to perform sex acts and fetishes, was demonstrating a sex fetish related to people getting stuck in objects. However she then couldn’t get herself unstuck from a folding chair. Firefighters had to use the Jaws of Life—the same tool used to get people out of severe car crashes— to dislodge her from the chair. “My whole TikTok is basically sex work and giving sex work advice, specifically online sex work,” the woman said in a video explaining the incident. “And ‘stuck’ is a fetish category that I’m pretty popular in and done for about nine years now. I was just working, and yeah… It was embarrassing, but probably the best stuck video I’ve ever made.”

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