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This tool downloads all photos/videos from an OnlyFans profile, creating a local archive.
You must be subscribed to the profile to download their content.

onlyfans-dl will create a directory called profiles in the repo directory.
Each profile you download will be stored as a subdirectory of profiles.
Inside each profile directory, some information will be saved in info.json,
and all media will be downloaded to photos/ and videos/.


LOOK: python -m pip install requests


First make sure to set your session variables in the script first.

./ <profile>

  • <profile> – the username of the profile to download

Session Variables

Requests to the API now need to be signed. This is an obfuscation technique from the developers to discourage scraping. Thanks for the most recent patch goes to DIGITALCRIMINAL.

You need your browser’s user-agent, onlyfans session cookie, x-bc HTTP header, and user-id. Here’s how to get them

  • Get your user-agent here ipchicken
  • Session Cookie
    • Login to OnlyFans as normal
    • Open the dev console Storage Inspector (SHIFT+F9 on FireFox). or the Application tab of Chrome DevTools
    • Click Cookies ->
    • Copy the value of the sess cookie
  • x-bc and user-id
    • Login to OnlyFans, goto home page
    • Open dev console F12 -> Network tab (Ctrl+Shift+E in FireFox)
    • Click Headers sub-tab (default)
    • Click on one of the JSON elements (may need to refresh page) and look under request headers on the right

There are variables for each of these values at the top of the script. Make sure to update them every time you login or your browser updates.


PRs are welcome; be sure to take some time to familiarize yourself with OnlyFans’ API if
you would like to extend/modify the functionality of this script.

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