Gradually, the Normal School prepares the return of third and sixth to full presence – Plan B News

This was reported this morning by director Adolfo « Fito » Molas.

The director of the Clemente Andrada Normal School in Santa Rosa announced that next week some grades will begin to return to full presence.

“We have already defined the return to classrooms for third and sixth. Next week some groups will come and the next one will be completed ”, indicated the teacher.

But he clarified that “We officially do not return with all the students to the classrooms because we assume this process gradually. We have scheduled meetings with families to transmit schedules, guidelines, slogans, especially from the health protocols. We are in the return project trying to be as orderly and organized as possible from the operational and pedagogical aspects ”.

“With the teachers we are also planning a progressive return, assuming that the institution has many actors and it has been a year and a half, almost two, that we are in this situation of the pandemic, through which we carry out the path of the teaching process – virtual, face-to-face and combined learning ”, he exemplified.

“We have already defined the return to classrooms for third and sixth. Next week some groups come and the next one is completed. We still have to do some adaptation of a classroom, such as the technology space, where we have to put some fan lights to ensure cross ventilation, « he said, adding that these tasks are necessary because » we have some courses with up to 31 students. « 


Adolfo Molas stressed that “we have a very present educational community where the family always participates, the teaching group is very committed, very predisposed to carry out the activities and institutional proposals. Now we are working on an ESI conference and we have several projects such as the institutional literary one ”, he listed.

“We also have a student center and a very committed cooperator, and we are very happy. We encourage the possibility of continuing with this return to total presence, progressively and gradually ”, he concluded.



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