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For the first time, a format from the Tiktok video portal has received the Grimme Online Award. Moderator Niklas Kolorz, who presents topics of knowledge in one-minute videos in the network, received two awards at the award ceremony on Thursday evening in Cologne: He received a jury award in the « Knowledge and Education » category and the audience award. He reported that the idea came to him in the second corona lockdown. « I just wanted to create some kind of creative balance. » The response was incredible: « After eight days, I had the first viral video with 800,000 views, and from then on the channel exploded, that’s amazing. »

One focus of this year’s winners are offers that deal with right-wing violence – such as the podcast « 190220 – A year after Hanau » and the web documentation « Against Us », which brings victims of racism and right-wing extremist violence out of their anonymity. « #StolenMemory », on the other hand, tells the life stories of Holocaust victims based on personal legacies that are kept in the Arolsen Archives in Bad Arolsen in Hesse. The archive tries to find descendants of the previous owners in order to return the memorabilia to them.

Niklas Kolorz

Double award: Tiktok presenter Niklas Kolorz.

(Photo: PR; Roma Gendera)

The show by a school principal from Hamburg-Dulsberg was honored in the « Culture and Entertainment » category. Björn Lengwenus went on the air for six weeks with « Dulsberg Late Night » during the Corona school closings. From the empty auditorium of the school he switched on students, sometimes performed a little dance, slipped into an Easter bunny costume and thus strengthened the cohesion in lockdown.

The comedian Enissa Amani won an award for her format in the « Special » category The best instance. The talk show was a response to an issue of the WDR talk The last instancewhich had received a lot of criticism. Among other things, the show was held responsible for the fact that the discussion about racism had been conducted exclusively by white guests.

The explanatory pieces from « Decoder Specials », which provide insights into Russian culture, politics and society, were particularly recognized for their outstanding design. Johannes Kram received another award for his podcast « Queerkram ».

The undoped Grimme Online Award is the most important German award for outstanding online journalism and has been presented since 2001.

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