Inventive Grandson Builds Telegram Messaging Machine For 96-Year-Old Grandmother

Twitter user @mrcatacroquer, Manual Lucio Dallo, built the Yayagram — a DIY project that makes sending and receiving voice and text messages over Telegram a physical process just like using an old-fashioned phone switchboard. Speaking to The Verge, Dallo says he built the machine to help stay in touch with his 96-year-old grandmother. From the report: To send a message, the user physically plugs in a cable next to the recipient’s name. They then press and hold a button to record audio and speak into the integrated microphone. The message then appears on the recipient’s phone like a regular voice note. And when the operator of the Yayagram receives a text message, it’s printed off using a built-in thermal printer.

Dallo, who’s a senior engineer for software firm Plastic SCM, goes into some detail about how the device was made in this Twitter thread. It’s powered by a Raspberry Pi 4, runs on Python, and uses several third-party software libraries to tie everything together. The microphone is a cheap USB one and the printer similar to those used in cashier tills. He notes that he chose to use Telegram rather than WhatsApp or another messaging service as it’s more open (and he doesn’t like Facebook).

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