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If blocking seems like too big a step, you can also restrict users on OnlyFans. The method is the same as blocking a user but select “Restrict” instead of “Block.” When a user is restricted, they will not be able to direct message you or comment on your posts. However, they will still be able to view and like the content posted.

Choose what you let people see on your profile

When someone clicks on the link to your OnlyFans page they can always see your profile name, @username, and avatar with cover picture. However, apart from these areas, you have a lot of control over what people can see on your profile. Depending on what kind of content you post and your own personal preference, you might want to keep some things between you and your subscribers, or for your eyes only. You can alter visibility settings for the following in your Settings:

  • Your activity status (Whether or not you are online)
  • The text on your profile: if you select “Fully Private Profile” the text on your profile will be hidden
  • Your fan count
  • Your media count (The total number of your posts)
  • Your friends’ list
  • The sum of your tips

You can also choose whether or not to enable comments on your posts, or to opt-out of the OnlyFans suggestions list.

Staying safe on OnlyFans

Making use of these features will help you stay safe on OnlyFans and in control of your account. If you would like to learn more, visit the OnlyFans Help Centre for useful information for OnlyFans creators and fans. If you can’t solve your problem there, contact OnlyFans Support for assistance.

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