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To raise the temperature, some are fans of naughty games, others prefer disguises, while others still rely on erotic massages. But when the partners are at a distance, some people sometimes redouble their inventiveness to maintain the desire. Sexting, naked photos, naughty videos … 22% of French people say they have already tried to excite their partner in this way, according to an Ifop survey for CAM4 and Hot Vidéo published in 2020.

“Sexting has a lot of effect on me”

These sensual exchanges are also used to spice up her relationship before a date. “In the sexting, there is what I want to do to him, what he could do to me, in what position, in what place, with what costume why not”, explains 32-year-old Virginie.

A way to increase excitement through writing which can be very stimulating for some. “Me, I’m a cerebral, I like words”, indicates Cécile, 61 years old. “When it’s done well, when the person writes well, it has a lot of effect on me and I really like sending them sixth and to have his feelings, when he describes to me how he feels “, adds Mia, 23.

These hot texts are sometimes embellished with naked snaps, also known as “nudes”. “I really like sending sexy little sext”, explains Cécile. Beyond stimulating her partner, this practice is satisfying on a personal level for Agathe, 26 years old. “I send nudes to learn to love my body too. Because I feel better, because I find myself pretty on my nudes and it’s cool to see it in a pretty picture”, she explains.

Nudes : “Awaken the excitement until we meet again”

However, sending naked photos has its limits, especially when they are not consented to. This is called “cyber flashing”, which includes in particular “dickpics”, in other words photos of penises sent without the consent of the recipient. Mia has never been confronted with this lack of consent, but is not a follower of this practice: “I have already received dickpics, but always granted. I don’t really like it, I don’t find it very exciting”, she says.

The fear of the dissemination of these intimate images is also a limit: “Everything that is photo and video, I avoid greatly. I did it a bit, but in general, I blur, we do not see my face, and these are really people I trust very much. , so I do it very rarely actually “, says Virginie.

When they are agreed and shared in all confidence, these naughty exchanges nevertheless allow to spice up the daily life and the life of a couple. “I find it very exciting”, explains Marlène, 42, before adding that this allows “to awaken theexcitation until we meet again “.

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