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Rapper Katja Krasivice (24) is known for her sexy photos. But instead of always offending with her freedom of movement, the singer simply switched the online platform: At the beginning of March, she announced that she could now be found at the payment provider “OnlyFans”. There are more and more celebrities who want to provide their fans not only with harmless snapshots, but also with erotic content. For the musician, this step was definitely worth it for the wallet. Because now she is one of the successful stars of the site.

Rapper Katja Krasavice offers sexy content on “OnlyFans”

During the corona pandemic in particular, the website experienced growing popularity, with both the number of users and the so-called creators increasing steadily. There are currently more than a million of these creators worldwide, including stars such as US actress Bella Thorne (23) and former teen crush Aaron Carter (33). For access, however, fans have to dig deep into their pockets: The equivalent of just over 20 euros per month is due in this country for the sexy content of Katja Krasavice and the other stars.

Katja Krasavice is one of the “Top 0.01 percent” at “OnlyFans”

On her “OnlyFans” account, Katja Krasavice has now announced, according to “”, that she belongs to the “Top 0.01 percent”. What may not sound like a lot at first, is quickly put into perspective in the second. Because with a total of one million participants who produce content on the site, the 0.01 percent means that Katja Krasavice is one of the 100 largest players in the world.

With this, the sexy rapper can hope for a huge monthly income. Some other stars had earned up to 100,000 US dollars (about 122,000 euros) in the same category “Top 0.01 percent”, as “” reports on. How much money Katja Krasavice actually earns, she has not yet revealed to her followers. According to its popularity, it could come very close to a six-figure amount, which would easily mean a million euros and more per year.

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