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EC man convicted for having sex with 14-year-old girl …

According to the criminal complaint, Koenig had sex with a 14-year-old girl on July 6, 2020, near a public fishing area in the town of Wheaton. When confronted by authorities, Koenig admitted having sex with the girl. Koenig lived in Colfax at the time of the assault.

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How to Take TikTok’s Color Personality Test

Hi @ you there, person who casually logged online this fine day only to realize that everyone was revealing their color personalities to the world without you. The audacity! But fear not, you, too, can find out your color personality thanks to KTestOne’s online test and then post the results on TikTok. Here’s how: Step […]

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OnlyFans bans public sex content on site

OnlyFans has updated its terms of use to add sexually explicit videos filmed in public to its long list of banned content. Specifically, the subscription service will no longer allow content that “was recorded in or is being broadcast from a public place where members of the public are reasonably likely to see the activities […]

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