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Here you will find the text of leaflet VI of the White Rose.

Leaflet VI.To open leaflet VI as a PDF file, please click on the image (& copy of the German Resistance Memorial Center.)

Fellow students! Fellow students!

Our people stand shaken before the fall of the men of Stalingrad. Three hundred and thirty thousand German men senselessly and irresponsibly drove the ingenious strategy of the World War II corporal into death and destruction. Leader, we thank you! It is fermenting in the German people: Do we want to continue to entrust the fate of our armies to a dilettante? Do we want to sacrifice the rest of our German youth to the lowest instincts of power of a party clique? Never more!

The day of reckoning has come, the reckoning of German youth with the most despicable tyranny our people has ever endured. On behalf of the entire German youth, we demand personal freedom from the state of Adolf Hitler, the most precious good of the Germans, of which he has cheated us in the most pathetic way.

We grew up in a state of ruthless gagging of all freedom of expression. HJ, SA and SS tried to uniformed, revolutionized and anesthetized us in the most fertile educational years of our lives. “Philosophical training” was the name of the contemptuous method of stifling the burgeoning self-thinking and self-worth in a fog of empty phrases. A selection of leaders, as it could not be thought of as diabolical and at the same time narrow-minded, draws its future party bosses on castles of the order to godless, shameless and unscrupulous exploiters and murder boys, to blind, stupid leaders.

We “workers of the mind” would be just right to beat this new class of rulers. Front fighters are disciplined like schoolboys by student leaders and Gauleiter aspirants, Gauleiter attack the students with great jokes. German students at the Munich university gave a worthy answer to the defilement of their honor, German students stood up for their comrades and stood their ground. This is a beginning to fight for our free self-determination, without which spiritual values ​​cannot be created. Our thanks go to the brave comrades who have set a shining example!

For us there is only one slogan: fight against the party! Out of the party structures in which they want to keep us politically silenced! Out of the lecture halls of the SS Unter- and Oberführer and party crawlers! We are concerned with true science and true freedom of spirit! No threat can frighten us, not even the closure of our universities. It is the fight of each and every one of us for our future, our freedom and honor in a state that is conscious of its moral responsibility.

Freedom and honor! For ten long years Hitler and his comrades squeezed the two wonderful German words to the point of disgust, hackneyed and twisted them in a way that only amateurs can do who cast the highest values ​​of a nation before swine. In ten years of the destruction of all material and spiritual freedom, all moral substance in the German people, they have sufficiently shown what freedom and honor are meant for them. The terrible bloodbath that they wreaked throughout Europe in the name of freedom and honor for the German nation has opened the eyes of even the stupidest German, and is wreaking havoc every day. The German name will remain desecrated forever unless the German youth finally stand up, avenge and atone at the same time, crush their tormentors and set up a new spiritual Europe.

Female students! Students! The German people look to us! It expects of us, like the breaking of Napoleonic in 1813, so in 1943 the breaking of the National Socialist terror from the power of the spirit. Berezina and Stalingrad flare up in the east, the dead of Stalingrad summon us!

“Fresh to my people who smoke the flames!”

Our people are on the move against the enslavement of Europe by National Socialism, in the new believing breakthrough of freedom and honor!

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