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Lorenzo, from his real name Jeremiah Serrandour, born in Brest, in Finistère[1],[2], is a French rapper. He is part of the Rennes rap collective Columbine under the alias of Larry Garcia. Lorenzo proclaims himself “Emperor of the Dirty” when his first mixtape of the same name is released on [3].


Before becoming a rapper, Jérémie Serrandour completed a literary final in theater and cinema at the Lycée Bréquigny in Rennes.[4], he obtained his baccalaureate diploma there in 2013. It was there that he met the members of the Columbine group.[5].

Under the name of Larry Garcia, he directs most of the videos for the Columbine collective. He nicknames several of his friends in the same vein as his character[6].

In 2016, Lorenzo began his career by posting his humorous songs on YouTube and made himself known through the single Freestyle du sale, but also thanks to its “dirty shows”[7],[8]. He decides to release a single disc from the album Emperor of the Dirty that he engraves on a CD then decorates with the marker. He puts the ad up for sale on eBay and, in a few minutes, the price exceeds € 50,000. Site removes ad first time due to portrayal of penis on cover[réf. nécessaire].

He works with several labels such as Initial Artist Services or Digital Distribution Serbia, which contribute to his album, Nothing to jerk off, released on , preceded by the single Red card[9]. The album is certified platinum[10]. Le single Smoke thoroughly is certified gold disc two months after its release then diamond disc in [10].

His third album, Sex in the City, take it out . Pre-ordering the CD on his website gave a chance to win a lifetime subscription to the pornographic site Marc Dorcel[11] and copies sold to FNAC are included with a condom[12].


Lorenzo is a rapper character with a nasal voice and a cannabis-addicted, porn-addicted commuter accent, played by Jérémie Serrandour who conceals his true personality, including when interviewed on Skyrock in Planet Rap or in Tracks on Arte[réf. nécessaire].

Lorenzo is repeatedly criticized by feminist activists for his pornographic and sexist texts[4].



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