A BRITISH man has busted his cheating girlfriend in a classic text exchange that has lit up the internet overnight. The careless woman was caught out by her suspicious boyfriend when she sent him a saucy selfie, but things turned weird when he spotted something unusual in the background.

The girl, named Jackie, sent the topless pictures to her man Liam when she was away in Atlanta for a business trip — and expected to please her beau not enrage him, reports The Sun.

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But her eagle-eyed fella, who already suspected Jackie was having an affair, soon spotted a rogue suitcase in the corner of one picture.

When Liam saw the stripy bag in Jackie’s nude snap, he decided to call her bluff by asking if she was alone.

When asked for her room number a frustrated Jackie, who had clearly been accused of cheating before, said: “1422. Not this again, just call my room number if you don’t believe me.”

But instead of calling the extension directly, clever investigator Liam rang the hotel and asked for Jackie’s room — and here his girlfriend had slipped up yet again.

It transpired that hotel room 1422 was booked in the name of Tom, her boss, and Jackie was not registered as staying at the hotel at all.

Seeing red, Liam ended the painful exchange by saying: “All your s*** will be waiting outside for you in trash bags when you get back.

“Have fun f***ing Tom. And F*** YOU”.

The iMessages have gone viral after being posted on Reddit.

But the world is left wondering what actually happened when Jackie eventually returned from Atlanta.

This story first appeared in The Sun and was republished with permission.

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