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Looking for a masturbator? This must be taken into account when making the selection!

Masturbators and pussy pussies are sex toys that were developed to satisfy male pleasure. When designing these sex toys for men, particular attention is paid to the detailed replica of the vagina and / or anus. These masturbators and lust pussies ensure that there is no routine in your solo moments and bring variety to your solo pleasure.

You will find a wide range of masturbators and pussy pussies under the SHAKE-ME-BABE brand, which your online erotic shop LOVE AND VIBES has developed for you. Which product is best for your personal needs? Masturbator or lust pussy? A manual or automatic sex toy? What should be considered in each case in terms of care? What materials are there? How do automatic masturbators work? With batteries? Or are there also models that are rechargeable? All of these questions should be asked before choosing a masturbator.

Masturbator – what is it actually?

When it comes to male masturbation, a distinction must first be made between the various sex toys that you can find on the sex toy market. Masturbators are something more sophisticated sex toys for men. Often times, masturbators automatically spoil your best piece. Depending on the model, you will find different functions that ensure a gentle to powerful penis massage. Due to the automatic functions, masturbators have a more sophisticated design and are slightly larger.

Manually or Automatically?

Under our brand for masturbators Shake-Me-Babe you will find masturbators with different functions. Automatic and manual masturbators differ in terms of functionality, price, and maintenance. Automatic masturbators also require a source of energy. These are either battery operated or rechargeable.

Automatic masturbators

Automatic masturbators do the work for you! The up and down that your hands would otherwise have to do is handled by a plunger in an automatic masturbator. So you can concentrate fully on the sensation of pleasure and don’t need to do anything yourself. Mostly are automatic masturbators in addition to a push function also with a vibration function fitted. Different modes and intensities help you achieve incredible moments of masturbation. A suction cup ensures completely hands-free enjoyment!

Manual Masturbatoren

At manual masturbators Your active support is required. The sex toy itself does not have a piston that does the pushing function for you. The advantage is: You set the rhythm yourself and decide when you like it faster or slower, gentler or stronger.

Some manual masturbators are still equipped with a vibration or rotation function. Many models also have a suction cup that you can position on any smooth surface.

Insert & Lustkanal

In an effort to provide you with great feelings of pleasure during your solo pleasure, your online erotic shop LOVE AND VIBES has numerous masturbators on offer. When designing, it is important to us that even the smallest details are worked out. We place great emphasis on the inserts and pleasure channels. Just looking at and touching the vagina or anus elements often increases arousal and pleasure!

The insert of the masturbator is what you see and feel first. It is important that the feelings of pleasure arise from the beginning so that your pleasure continues to increase and the erection is strengthened. In our masturbator range you will find male toys with a wide variety of pleasure openings (mouth, anus, vagina or buttocks). Here you have to decide for yourself what you like best and what excites you the most!

The masturbator’s pleasure channel is usually more than just a smooth pleasure tunnel. The surface in the pleasure channel is often provided with a surface structure that ensures a wonderful penis massage. For example, you will find different elevations, knobs, grooves or pleasure chambers in the pleasure channel. With every up and down you can feel it on your erect member!

A masturbator for every budget

The SHAKE-ME-BABE brand masturbators and pussy pussies are available in different price ranges. Depending on your budget and requirements, you can find the perfect masturbator with us.

Simple manual masturbators in realistic vagina or anus design are available for around 30 euros, while automatic models with different functions and an unusual design can cost up to 200 euros.

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