Mauricio Ibarbure closed his participation in his sixth Games

The illusion of Argentine Selection of Boccia It was finished this morning of our country, the night of Japan, when the national team closed its participation together in the category BC1 / BC2. The Mar del Plata Mauricio Ibarbure, who had competed individually, was part of the Argentine team.

All the matches took place between Wednesday night and Thursday morning (Argentine time). The national team, with Mar del Plata coach Pablo Iocca and « Coqui » Ibarbure, clearly fell to Thailand 11-2 in the debut. In their second presentation, in a clash of great parity against Russia, they equalized at 7 and the tie break went to the Europeans, while the farewell was against China and the defeat by 8 to 1.

In this way, the Paralympic Games are over for Mauricio Ibarbure, the record from Mar del Plata who had his sixth appearance in an event of this magnitude.


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