Melbourne influencer Brad Canning shares McDonald’s thickshake hack on TikTok

A Melbourne man who decided to test out a viral Macca’s coffee trick has declared it the “best life hack ever”.

Brad Canning saw a video from the UK that showed a woman going to McDonald’s and ordering a vanilla thickshake along with an espresso at a drive-through.

The woman, who goes by the username @melika_zaidi, then added the coffee shot to her milkshake and mixed it together.

Melika’s TikTok video was well received, clocking up over 2.6 million views since it was shared last week.

When Brad saw the creative take on a Macca’s shake, he decided to give the trend a whirl Down Under – but his 386,000 followers noticed a problem with drink hack.

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“To say that I ran to my car is an understatement; I don’t even have shoes on. I’m trying this right this second,” he began in his video that was “stitched” with Melika’s.

After ordering at the drive-through he took the two items and pulled up to put the hack to the test.

“OK, I’ve got my thickshake and my tiny little espresso, I should have probably got a double shot, but here we go. Let’s try.”

After dumping the espresso in the shake he then gives it a “good stir” with the standard McDonald’s paper straw and takes a sip.

“Okay, uh ha,” he states, before giving his final thoughts. “Probably the best life hack ever, this is so good. Also, the single shot was enough.”

Despite being viewed over 125,000 times since it was posted to the social media platform on Monday, many argued the hack was unnecessary.

“There’s a coffee shake on the menu already,” one person noted.

“Pretty sure they have had coffee shakes at Macca’s for at least a year,” another stated.

But while some scoffed at the idea, others said the hack was different to the coffee shake.

“This is a vanilla shake plus coffee, so it would taste different to a coffee shake,” one said.

“They use a syrup for the shake … nothing compares to an espresso shot,” another claimed.

A spokesperson for McDonald’s Australia told real coffee is used in its shakes – but others pointed out it appeared Brad had mixed his with a chocolate thickshake, which would make it a mocca shake, something not on the Macca’s menu.

Largely though, people were just excited by the drink inspiration, tagging friends to state they should try it next time they’re in a restaurant.

Aussie coffee trends revealed

The trending coffee hack comes as Macca’s revealed insights into Australians’ day to day coffee habits to celebrate the launch of McCafe’s new blend, available in restaurants from today.

After serving more than 220 million cups of the beloved brew in 2020, McDonald’s has determined 7am is when most Aussies opt for their first cup.

From 7-8am is “coffee hour” for 24 per cent of us with 6-7am proving the time when 18 per cent of Australians need their caffeine fix.

The hour of 8-9am only hits the spot for 16 per cent of people.

“Coffee has become a core part of our daily routine. We can’t start the morning without it, and it keeps us going throughout the day, no matter what we’re doing,” said Tim Kenward, McDonald’s marketing manager.

“Australia has a unique relationship with coffee compared to the rest of the world. We know our baristas by name, are proud of our complex coffee orders and expect a high standard of flavour and quality from every cup.”

Other findings determined Australia’s most popular coffee is a cappuccino, ordered by 30 per cent of people, followed by flat white (20 per cent) and latte (18 per cent).

Almost a third of us drink more than three cups a day and interestingly, it seems we’re starting our love affair early with almost half of coffee drinkers taking up the habit as teens between the ages of 15-20.

Other Macca’s coffee hacks that have proved popular with Australians include mixing a shot of espresso with a frozen coke and vanilla syrup.

It went viral after Sydney woman Elena Pajkovska took to TikTok in June claiming the combo “will change your life”.

A more extravagant option is the viral “McBassett” trend – this involves ordering an iced latte followed by a soft serve cone then dumping it in the coffee to create an indulgent caffeine hit.

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