More and more are doing it – do you fancy sexting? – BZ Berlin

Closed clubs, curfews and contact restrictions – the permanent lockdown doesn’t exactly offer the best conditions for an erotic flirt. Digital alternatives are in demand.

So-called sexting is now a popular sport. Erotic messages can be conveniently sent back and forth via smartphone.

In a recent survey by the erotic community Joyclub, 84 percent state that they have already sent dirty talk messages to excite each other. 82 percent not only heated up with text, but also sent explicit photos or videos of themselves.

Women tend to like erotic news more stylishly, they love cinema in their heads (54.8 percent). In the case of men, on the other hand, things can be explicitly and directly revealing (58.7 percent).

It makes a big difference whether the recipient is your own partner or just a loose flirt. When sending erotic recordings to their partner, 38.2 percent of those surveyed ensure that no face can be seen. When sexting with a flirt, 75.6 percent try to remain anonymous in nude photos and videos.

Because: Once a nude photo has been sent, it can usually not be retrieved and its dissemination can no longer be controlled.

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Another important aspect: not all erotic chats are based on mutual consent. 86 percent of women say they have already received unwanted sexting messages. For men it is a third. In such cases, the senders are liable to prosecution for sexual harassment!

By the way: Anyone who thinks that permanent lockdown and contact restrictions stimulate the sexting behavior of Germans is wrong. It is true that 20.2 percent say they send erotic messages more often than before the pandemic. At the same time, 17.9 percent of those surveyed seem to have lost their desire for sexual conversation. You have shut down your sexting activity severely.

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