More security when « sexting » ?: Suggestive pictures: Whatsapp is planning an update for more privacy

Whatsapp plans to fundamentally revise the way they send images. Customers should have more control again.

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April 25, 2021, 8:12 p.m.

Hamburg | In this text you will find out:

  • how Whatsapp wants to increase the privacy of its users
  • what this has to do with sexting
  • why the measures do not go far enough

According to industry insiders, the Whatsapp messenger service is planning a new feature that promises customers more privacy. If users have already been able to give messages an expiration date, this should soon also be possible for media such as photos or videos. Pictures are given a self-destruction date, so to speak.

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How exactly does it work?

If you send a photo via Whatsapp in the future – possibly one that is only intended for certain eyes (« sexting ») – the recipient can only open it once. If he leaves the photo and the chat, the picture is automatically deleted. After that, every trace of the video or photo should also be missing – so there is no indication that a medium has been deleted. It can also be assumed that these photos will not be immediately saved in the recipient’s gallery.

What is sexting?

Sexting is the private and usually non-binding exchange of contextualized emojis and self-produced erotic images via the Internet. Sending an aubergine or a peach can be considered a sexting or a « topless six-pack picture » as well as a picture in which, for example, a girl with a deep neckline shows herself in a revealing pose or even topless. The word sexting consists of the components « sex » and « texting » and accordingly also includes the context in which sexting occurs.

(State Media Center Baden-Württemberg)

There’s one big catch

The new Whatsapp function initially sounds like a feature with which the developers are giving their customers more privacy. But there is a weak point: screenshots. At the moment it seems that the recipient can still bypass the self-destruct mode of the images by quickly taking a screenshot of the sent image. Whatsapp does not offer screenshot notification. So if you send suggestive photos, you should still be sure that the recipient will treat the pictures with confidence.

The feature is being tested in the current beta ( on Android devices.

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