Music Theory Chapter 7: Intervals, page 1

The distance between two tones is called interval. The Latin ordinal numbers are used as names for these distances, in such a way that the interval of the first level
Prim (Latin prima, the first note), the interval of the second level Seconds (Latin secunda, the second) is called etc.

The first 8 intervals are called:

Prime, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and octave.

To determine the size of the interval, we start from the intervals that are on the Root note of the major scale are structured, namely the primes, fourths, fifths and octaves as rein
(perfect consonances) and all intervals other than large designated.

Click on the music picture to hear the whole example – if you want to hear individual examples, click on the appropriate name:

Example: Intervals 1

The audio samples of the individual intervals are only available on the CD-ROM version – further information.

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