Naked « Teen Wolf » star Tyler Posey feels « stupid »

OnlyFans: Naked

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OnlyFans: Naked « Teen Wolf » star Tyler Posey feels stupid

There are now quite a few stars romping around on OnlyFans. « Teen Wolf » star Tyler Posey is one of them. But he no longer seems to feel quite comfortable on the platform.

Tyler Posey shows herself naked on OnlyFans

Stars earn on OnlyFans a lot of coal. Maybe has Tyler Posey That’s why I made an OnlyFans account in September 2020 and has been posting his content there regularly since then, after the « Teen Wolf »-Star already showed naked on Instagram. A few months later he explained his decision to show himself freely in public: « I am very often naked and wanted to be more open to social media. That’s why I started posting. » The actor and musician continues: « I love to be naked because we are not born with clothes on either. I want to leave the world as I entered it. I want to die naked and since 2020 was a bit scary, I want to be ready for it.  » But now it seems to him OnlyFans not so much fun anymore …

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OnlyFans mentally wrecks Tyler Posey

In a new interview he gives « Teen Wolf »-Star to that he complies with the demands and demands of his fans OnlyFans has to fight. « OnlyFans is weird and it wrecks me mentally. You feel like an object. I try my best to create content as artistically as possible. I don’t want it to be just porn, » says Tyler Posey. He then adds: « When I show myself naked, I don’t want to take myself seriously and be a little funny. I can’t show myself naked and take myself seriously. It’s strange and feels stupid. I feel like an object.  » Seems like it is Tyler Posey not so comfortable anymore OnlyFans feel and still look for his place on the platform.

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