Nudes, sexting, audio and video conferencing for remote sex

In this period of confinement, do you want to add a little spice to your relationship? Are you in a long-distance relationship and want to turn your partner on? Nudes, sexting, audio and video conferences… Modern technology offers many possibilities to maintain a healthy sex life, even from a distance!

Remote sex is first of all sexting

Who doesn’t like to receive a warm text from their partner? Sitting behind your desk at work or lying in your bed, « sexting » is the easiest way to maintain privacy without touching yourself. And to turn the pressure up a notch, why not try out some naughty sexting games? Give each other naughty little challenges or describe what you want to do to each other using emojis then let him guess. Enough to spice up your remote sex sessions …


In the category of naughty games from a distance, it’s not just sexting that exists! You can also get into erotic pictures. Nothing like it to regain confidence in his power of seduction and to please his partner. Suggestive poses, subdued lighting, cozy decorations… Make yourself comfortable and take the opportunity to bring out your sexy underwear buried in your drawers. Small bonus: send your nude when your partner least expects it! Something to give him a hell of a surprise …

Naughty video conference

With mobile apps like Skype, Google Hangout or Snapchat, you and your partner will feel closer than ever. Why not embark on a steamy video conference to ignite your partner’s imagination? Undress, play with your gaze, caress yourself … In short, indulge yourself, it will satisfy that of your partner! Do not hesitate to plan your video sex sessions in advance to create anticipation and increase the excitement little by little …

Phone sex

Hearing your partner moan with pleasure through your words is the perfect way to maintain your privacy when you are away from each other. Pick a time that works for both of you, and sit down and relax. Just take your phone and have fun!

Some precautions to take …

Long-distance sex can be difficult, especially if your official partner is around. And now that we’re all confined to the house, sex with your lover might require more logistics and precautions than before.

    • Depending on where you live, finding a room where you can comfortably have sex from a distance can be difficult. If you’re willing to stay awake at night, a late night naughty call might work if you move to another room. You will need to be able to keep quiet to avoid being spotted.
    • If you are desperate to let go and cum as hard as you want, a little planning will be necessary. Wait for your partner to go out shopping or take a shower to enjoy the – virtual – company of your lover and cum in unison.
    • Remember to systematically delete all your erotic correspondence whatever they are. With your partner constantly by your side, your phone is more likely to end up in their hands.
    • Even if it seems obvious, avoid getting the wrong recipient when you send your sext. Your official partner might be wondering why you are texting him suggestively while you are with him on the couch.

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