Nudity business – what’s behind the « OnlyFans »? (Video)

See in the video: The nudity business – what’s behind the « OnlyFans » platform?

« The selling point for my Only Fans Channel are tits and feet. »
« And so it came about that, especially from the erotic industry or strippers, some of them became very successful on OnlyFans. »
Only Fans is a social media platform that is known for mainly distributing erotic content. It is one of the fastest growing Internet sites in the world. According to its own information, the platform currently has 25 million users. 500,000 users produce content. Bano Diop, advises and manages content creators who make content available for money on OnlyFans. This is how he describes the business model:
Bano Diop, Sky Life Agency:
It is not an erotic platform per se. It is really a pay per view social media platform where you can really see content behind a pay barrier. And of course, like so much on the Internet, it has been used very heavily for this because of the cheap traffic and the large number of users who are really looking for erotic material on the Internet. That means, on the one hand, I have the option of a subscription model: That means, I pay, for example, 10 dollars for a membership and can then look at all the pictures and videos that have been published on this profile, i.e. on the feed. On the other hand, there is also the possibility of using messages: This means that the content creator can send a message to each of his subscribers in German and then display additional paid or payable content there. And the whole thing ensures that I am able to monetize my content at any time. « 
Although top stars like Cardi B and Bella Thorne are now also sharing content without erotica on the site, OnlyFans is a welcome platform for fans due to the loose terms and conditions, especially for the erotica and porn industry.
O-Ton Bano Diop, Sky Life Agency:
« A lot has happened in the erotic area in particular. Because of the terms and conditions that fans have so far. That means you can publish almost anything in terms of content without getting into trouble there. This is often not possible with other social media platforms. And so. » Then of course it came about that especially from the erotic industry, strippers in part, that they then became very, successful on OnlyFans. « 
In addition to the relaxed terms of use, the comparatively fair participation model is particularly appealing for OnlyFans-Creator.
The possibility of individually designing your own appearance also makes the platform very popular. At least that’s what Suzie Grime thinks. She is an influencer and erotic model from Berlin and has more than 100 paying subscribers on OnlyFans.
Suzie Grime, erotic model and influencer:
“Many industries have been democratized by the Internet. This also applies to OnlyFans and the adult industry. Performers have the opportunity to simply be performers and actors of their own narrative on this platform. And to produce and offer exactly the content that they want and that they also stand behind. So being able to represent this ethically and make it up with yourself. And of course to be the ones who get the most profit out of it. So of course you have to give 20 percent of your income to the platform, to OnlyFans. But that wouldn’t be any different if you worked as a stripper in a club, for example. You have to give a certain percentage to the house. For offering you the stage at all. « 
But why should you pay money for erotic and pornography when it is also available for free on other platforms? Sanja Klein is a psychologist and researches at the University of Giessen on, among other things, pornography addiction.
For them, the payment barrier on the fans is a decisive reason for the popularity.
Sanja Klein, psychologist, University of Giessen:
« That is a psychological effect once you’ve invested money somehow, that you generally have a higher bond with it or that it’s somehow more important to you. »
Exclusivity through paid content. This creates a bond among the subscribers and a feeling of security among those who flaunt themselves on the OnlyFans. In addition, the platform is popular with creators and fans because you can communicate very directly. This is often hardly possible on other erotic and porn platforms.
Sanja Klein, psychologist, University of Giessen:
“The main difference is precisely this personal component, which is more like with other social media, that you have the feeling that you know someone. If you pay money there every month, then you might be invested in that person as well. It may feel more like a personal relationship and that doesn’t exist on the other sites. « 
Suzie Grime sees it similarly:
Suzie Grime, erotic model and influencer:
« Even if I am a very, very large community, the space I have there feels with my fans, who explicitly subscribe to my channel. It feels a lot like a safe space and you have it open You don’t have that on an ordinary porn site like Pornhub in this sense. It’s just different with OnlyFans. If someone comes to me and subscribes to me, then that person is explicitly only there for my content. « 
The first corona lockdown in spring 2020 not only brought more subscribers to OnlyFans. Many content producers have also looked around for new sources of income because of the pandemic.
Suzie Grime, erotic model and influencer:
« You’ve just heard so much about this OnlyFans platform lately and I know how I sat at home sometime in the evening in the first lockdown that we had in Berlin and somehow thought to myself: Yes, why not? Me just create a profile for me and take a look at this platform. « 
Despite the success of erotic and pornographic content on OnlyFans, Bano Diop sees the future of the platform, albeit detached from nudity.
Bano Diop, Sky Life Agency:
“Of course, advertising partners are not interested in advertising on platforms that are explicitly included. And of course that is one of the reasons why I assume that sooner or later the erotic content or part of the content will gradually disappear. Because for without fans themselves or from a purely commercial point of view, the whole thing naturally makes a lot more sense that you can also include advertising partners. And also has apps, so of course to significantly increase the range and number of users. Of course, this also shows that the real potential is actually behind bringing celebrities or people with reach onto the platform. « 
However, it remains to be seen in which direction the platform will develop.

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