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Tax increases put a strain on the entire economic system – in the USA the consequences are now becoming a shining example of what is in store for us:

Eco-socialism does not work without massive tax increases in the green dysto paradise. This is the only way we can ultimately save the climate – maybe they’ll at least send us a thank you card. No seriously, Climate policy is a taxation of the middle class and the poorwho cannot afford any tax-relieving e-cars and solar cells. So much for social justice …

Joe Biden plans to burden the US with tax-financed expenses ranging from $ 3.5 billion to $ 5 billion. That will, of course, require higher taxation on a large proportion of the American population. 📈

Biden’s press spokeswoman Jen Psaki is outraged because: This tax hike will force companies to raise their prices in order to stay competitive and cover their maintenance costs. Psaki thinks it is « unfair and absurd » to make it more difficult for consumers with higher prices. As if entrepreneurs were not consumers themselves and were just as bound to market changes as everyone else!

💰 Planned economy fails because prices are not simply “decided”. Market movements work according to the principle of action -> reaction. If the state intervenes, the market responds. What is the market? A web of dozens of individual actions by consumers and producers who have to balance their income and costs. The megalomaniac state cannot control its people at will!💰

Put an end to the childish idea that the economy belongs to the state. Because the economy only reflects society – and it is not a monochromatic collective, but a mosaic of individuals with their own wishes, ambitions, and living conditions!

items: https://www.dailywire.com/news/psaki-its-unfair-and-absurd-that-companies-would-raise-costs-for-consumers-due-to-higher-taxes?utm_campaign=dw_newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_source=housefile&utm_content=member

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