OnlyFans celebrities: These stars have an account

OnlyFans has also developed into a lucrative business for celebrities. OnlyFans, OF for short, has become known as a social media platform for revealing content. Everything that is not allowed on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Co. is allowed there – nude pictures, sexy clips and even porn! There are no taboos on the platform. The principle is very simple: You look for creators and stars who interest you and can subscribe to them for different amounts of money. A distinction is made between two payment methods. Subscriptions for a monthly fixed price or free subscriptions with paid images, i.e. payments per image. Katja Krasavice, Bella Thorne & Co .: In our gallery you can find out which stars have an account on OnlyFans and what you can see there.


OnlyFans-Stars: That’s how much money celebrities make with the app

There are more and more celebrities who have an OnlyFans account and delight their fans there with exclusive content. A German rapper has even published his own porn on OnlyFans. But not all stars use this platform for pornographic or extremely revealing purposes. Especially in America, the platform is used in the rap world to do promo for music. Fans will be the first to see exclusive content such as audio samples and video excerpts. Other stars use it for scantily clad pictures, but not nude photos. The fact is: there are many stars who make a lot of money with OnlyFans. Reality star Blac Chyna is said to make $ 20 million a month with her account. No wonder that there are more and more celebrities who get an OF account. However, the app has become so popular that there are also very special OnlyFans stars who have achieved fame through their account.


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