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One breaks records with her music and her Insta-Pics. The other with her OnlyFans account. At first glance, singer Billie Eilish and this OnlyFans star have nothing in common. But do they have: They were once best friends …


The emphasis is on “were”. The friendship broke because Billie reportedly stopped calling. The rapper, who now makes millions with OnlyFans, has a guess: she thinks Billie ditched her because of the fame and good image. Bhad Bhabie hands out Billie in an Insta live stream.


“I think that’s what happens when you get famous. But luckily I know who my real friends are. I feel like someone put a flea in her ear over me.

Made her believe that I was a bad person. Or it became so famous that it could no longer reconcile itself with my style “


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