OnlyFans Star Gracey Kay Set To Become Millionaire After Losing Job

A mum who lost her job during lockdown is set to become millionaire in just one year, having become one of OnlyFans‘ top earners after turning to the platform for cash.

Gracey Kay, from Otley in Leeds, was a self-employed hairdresser before the pandemic kicked in but lost her income during lockdown.

After signing up to OnlyFans, the 32-year-old soon found she was making more than twice her annual £18,000 income as a hairdresser – in just one month.

Credit: Instagram/@gracey.baby69x
Credit: Instagram/@gracey.baby69x

Now one of the highest earners on the platform, she’s relocated to Alicante, Spain, where she plans to invest her money into property.

Speaking to Leeds Live, Gracey her OnlyFans name – said she was ‘panicking’ when England was thrown into lockdown in March last year, leaving her unable to work.

It was only when a friend suggested that she signed up to the subscription site that she considered the change of direction.

She said: « I’d never heard of OnlyFans before, but my friend said she’d been making extra income by selling feet pictures.

« So, I just thought I’d give it a go. »

Gracey said she felt ‘very nervous’ at first by the ‘daunting’ new money-earner, but over time started to build her confidence up, adding: « Now I’ve got one of the most popular pages. »

Credit: Instagram/@gracey.baby69x
Credit: Instagram/@gracey.baby69x

She continued: « I do have to pinch myself sometimes. I can’t believe this is my life. Some days I will just sit on the beach all day and work from my phone.

« So far I’ve made $800,00 (£578,156) and by next month I reckon I’ll hit £1 million.

« It’s an unreal amount of money. I think my account became so popular because I started it in lockdown and everyone was online. You can’t do much else at the moment.

« I also invested some of the money I made back into promoting my page, so that helped it to grow too. »

Gracey said the platform has given her much more confidence, explaining: « But that’s the good thing about OnlyFans – there’s no size or age limits.

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

« Some of the women I network with are 50 or 60 years old – earning just as much, if not more than me.

« Everyone likes something different – some men like petite, some like curvy, some just like feet – everyone has their own thing.

« No matter what your size or age, you can be proud of your body and happy with yourself. »

Gracey hopes she can even retire in just a matter of years, saying: « In three years, I want to have a good portfolio of properties – either that we buy, do up and sell on, or that we buy and rent as holiday homes.

« Hopefully, we’ll earn enough so when I’m 35 I can retire on that income – that’s the end goal. »

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