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Today we ask some question to thatcuteboy69. Currently he is in the top 14% of all creators on OnlyFans. He is submissive and a real hottie, let him know in a comment 😉 Enjoy!

Who is ThatCuteBoy69?

Born: 2001
Length: 5’7 – 170cm
Weight: 115lbs – 52kg
Dick size: 8 inch cut – 20cm
Location: USA
Social media: Twitter, OnlyFans

Why and how did you become an adult performer?

I have been in the business since I turned 18, I always found it fun, satisfying to me and others, and a great way to meet new people from all over. I started off as a camboy & then transitioned to my onlyfans phase. I miss being on camera, but I’ll probably bring that back soon to attract new fans.

Are you single, married, seeing someone, dating?

I am currently single, got off a toxic relationship not too long ago.

How often do you have sex?

So I actually don’t have sex as often as a fan might think, but when I do I get reallyyyyy freaky.

When and how was your first time?

My first time was really hot! I had a guy uber me to his hotel where he was waiting naked under his sheets with the door open. As soon as I walked in, I got completely naked and stood next to him on the bed. He then told me to get on top of him and I could feel his boner poking at my hole.

One thing led to another and soon enough, him and his business partner, who had been waiting naked in the bathroom without me knowing, were both using my holes at the same time. I was blindfolded for a few minutes while the guy that ubered me was fucking my ass and when he pushed his dick all the way in, I let out a loud moan and that’s when his business partner shoved his dick down my throat.

That’s when I realized there were two guys and it turned me on even more, so they took off my blindfold after switching spots and taking turns on my hole. At the end, I went home and left a big, wet spot on my shorts and drops of cum running down my legs, I was leaking cum with no control and I could feel both guys in me for a couple days after they used me.

What is your favorite thing in sex?

I love being dominated, being told orders and being a good boy. I love to please and I love to hear the guy moan as he slides in and out of me.

Which things in sex do you want to explore? Any hot fantasies?;)

So, I’m actually veryyy freaky in the sheets, I’ve probably done everything you can think of, on the bed and any other room too, including the balcony.

What are your goals in the future?

My goals for the future are to be happy and to give as much as I get.

Anything else?

Check out my videos on my OnlyFans. I make custom videos too if you are interested, just message me on my Twitter or my OnlyFans. I also do collabs.

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