OnlyFans star-turned-politician offers free boob jobs

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A Mexican OnlyFans star-turned-aspiring politician is using her sex appeal and offering free boob jobs in a bizarre vote-getting gambit.

Rocio Pino has stripped naked on the campaign trail and engaged in a variety of sexy stunts to get elected to Mexico’s parliament next week.

Among her campaign slogans? “Give your mum t***” and “Because a woman with t*** is an empowered woman.”

Currently pregnant, the sexxx-rated impresario charges subscribers $114 a year and is hoping her unique approach will get her elected on June 6. She has about 60,000 OnlyFans subscribers.

Rocio Pino wants to get elected to the Mexican parliament.
Rocio Pino wants to get elected to the Mexican parliament. Photo by ROSIO PINO /INSTAGRAM

Using the moniker La Grosera (The Rude One), she is running for the Progressive Social Networks party and has become a phenom south of the Rio Grande.

On the campaign trail, she often appears at rallies completely naked.

But there is a more altruistic side to La Grosera. She wanted to get involved with politics after volunteering during the 2017 Chiapas earthquake.

Rocio Pino often appears naked at her campaign rallies.
Rocio Pino often appears naked at her campaign rallies. Photo by ROSIO PINO /INSTAGRAM

And then there’s her main campaign promise: Free breast augmentation for all women, with those who have had mastectomies first in line.

“What we least need right now are more traditional, corrupt and male-chauvinist politicians,” she wrote to her 263,000 Twitter followers.

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She also wants to teach girls about abuse in school, sanction deadbeat dads, and protect women from cybercrime.

We can only say: Breast of luck!


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