OnlyFans: What is the adult social network?


The OnlyFans social network is mainly used by the erotic industry. But what is behind the paid online platform for adults?

OnlyFans: What is the online platform?

OnlyFans: What is the online platform? (Source: DmitryPoch /

What is OnlyFans? If you are asking yourself this question, you are not alone in it. The social network is by no means mentioned in the same breath as services such as Facebook or Twitter, but it is becoming more and more common on the Internet.

The pandemic gave OnlyFans a huge boost and the site got extra exposure when Beyoncé mentioned OnlyFans in the song « Savage » by Megan Thee Stallion. But is OnlyFans of interest to the general public?

What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is basically an online platform on which content creators can share this with their fans. It doesn’t matter what kind of content it is. For example, fitness trainers can upload their workout videos to OnlyFans, influencers their selfies or chefs their recipes.

Due to the lack of content restrictions, OnlyFans is mainly used by the erotic industry. Pictures and videos with adult content can be shared with the fans here, the whole thing just has to be legal.

In contrast to Facebook or Instagram, for example, OnlyFans may only be used by users of legal age; registration requires verification of their own age. Another difference to other social networks is the fact that users have to pay for OnlyFans content.

Many sites offer a monthly subscription, other content can be paid for and accessed individually. OnlyFans demands a small share of the income, but onlyFans can make a lot of money.

NSFW content is clearly ahead of the game, which has meanwhile earned OnlyFans the reputation of a porn site in many places. Contributing to this are stories like that of the site owner Belle Delphine, who became a millionaire by selling her used bathing water.

The best known OnlyFans users include Cardi B, Bella Thorne and « Teen Wolf » star Tyler Posey. More prominent names are not to be expected from OnlyFans, the wicked image of the site could damage the reputation of most of the stars.

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As a rule, no user visits OnlyFans spontaneously and rummages through the offer. Instead, content creators refer their fans to their OnlyFans account. A separate page at OnlyFans is only worthwhile for you if, for example, you are an influencer or in some other way already have a large following who are willing to pay.

Since the OnlyFans articles are reserved for subscribers, the classification as a social network is actually misleading. If you are looking for contact with friends or want to make new friends, you should rather try Facebook and Co.

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