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OnlyFans, Inc.
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Member platform
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United Kingdom

Chief Executive Officer
Alexa ranking 1,544(Global as of February 2020[1]
user 20 million members
Launch time 2016
status quo Active

OnlyFansIt is a social media headquartered in London, England. Creators establish a paid subscription content service to interact with their subscribers or « fans » and build relationships. Onlyfans is quite popular in the adult industry[2], There are also other industries such as fitness[3]Use this platform.Creators can earn monthly income directly from subscribers. In addition, creators can also earn tips and pay-per-view viewing income.[4]

The New York Times commented that OnlyFans changed the adult industry, and the performers regained the dominance and directly earned income through their own works.[2]

business model[编辑]

OnlyFans enables users to share their creations for income[5].80% of the money paid by subscribers goes to creators, and the remaining 20% ​​is the income of OnlyFans[2], After deducting operating expenses, the net profit of the website is about 12%[2]

OnlyFans was established in 2016 as a social platform where subscribers track and watch their subscription content through a monthly payment.As of February 2020, the site has more than 20 million registered members, claiming that members pay more than $400 million per month to subscribe to more than 200,000 creators[6]

Famous creator[编辑]

In 2017, Courtney Stadton called on her fans to subscribe to her updates on OnlyFans[7]. In 2018, TV seriesAffection islandParticipant Megan Barton Hanson (Megan Barton Hanson) shared her nude videos on this platform[8]

In January 2020, OnlyFans collaborated with 20-year-old American model Kaylen Ward (Kaylen Ward)[9] , This platform raised more than 1 million US dollars in charity to help Australia fire.This started the trend of fundraising by some OnlyFans creators on this platform[10]

The creators of OnlyFans are mostly amateur and professional adult models[2][11][12][13][14], But some people share their fitness pictures and videos on this platform[3]


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