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Onlyfans (Proper spelling: OnlyFans) is a web service for the paid provision of web content such as photos and videos (paid content), predominantly erotic or pornographic content, but also live streaming of celebrities outside this category.

In principle, the structure of Onlyfans is very similar to advertising-financed social networks such as Instagram or Facebook: After registering, users can create a public profile and upload content such as photos and videos. You can search for other users, subscribe to other users’ content, and communicate using public comments and private messages.

The main difference to advertising-financed social media portals is that profile owners have the option of demanding money from subscribers (called « fans ») and, as a rule, do so, provided they provide their own content. Without a subscription, a fan only sees the profile information of the offering user, possibly also their past posts, but without photos and videos. Before accessing paid subscriptions, subscribing users must first provide a payment card (credit or debit card), which can be used to set up an on-site credit or which can be used directly to pay for individual content.

Content-offering users have three options for receiving money from fans:

  • You can charge a fee of your choice (at least USD 4.99 per month) for access to your profile, whereby discounts can be granted for long-term subscriptions and during short-term marketing campaigns
  • Individual content can be offered to subscribers for a separate fee (pay-per-view)
  • Fans can also pay voluntary « tips » to content providers.

According to the website, OnlyFans keeps 20% of the sales paid and pays 80% to the providers. The operator tries to prevent the content from being saved separately. Since the display of images and videos technically requires copying (“downloading”) to the user’s device, saving is still possible (e.g. with developer tools / debuggers or by taking screenshots).

In principle, all types of legal content can be offered through OnlyFans. Most of the content-providing users offer erotic or pornographic content, but there are also providers from the fields of music, art, crowdfunding and appeals for donations.

The large proportion of pornographic content can be explained by the fact that, unlike similar payment platforms, Onlyfans does not prohibit pornographic content, but expressly allows it and allows the actors to generate income without intermediary exclusive rights marketers (e.g. film studios). A limiting factor is that a lot of content from Onlyfans is leaked to freely accessible porn portals after a short time, whereby the watermark automatically generated in each video, the network address of the Onlyfans user profile, can attract new users. Many influencers who are successful on ad-supported platforms, e.g. B. from the fitness or model area, use only fans as an additional channel to generate additional income from particularly interested followers. The individual « fan » is offered more exclusive contact with the creator.

Little is known about the London-based operating company of the portal, Fenix ​​International Limited.[1] At the request of the news magazine The mirror (March 2020) the company stated that it has 24 million users worldwide, of which around 500,000 offer paid content, of which 4,000 are from Germany. The average subscription price is $ 14.[2]

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