« OnlyFans »: YouTuberin squandered $ 25,000 – in ONE night – people

This hangover was expensive …

You want to have your worries: YouTuber Corinna Kopf (26) likes to dig deep into her pocket. Too deep in this case. During a lively party night, the influencer and streamer from Illinois treated herself to more than just two or three drinks.

The bills flew around the club … literally! The Instagram star apparently had his budget with him in cash and wrapped in foil.

In the strip club you need cash above all, influencer Corinna had more than enough with her

In the strip club you need cash above all else. Influencer Corinna had more than enough with herPhoto: corinnascameraroll / Instagram

The party was left out, apparently until late at night

The party was left out, apparently until late at nightPhoto: corinnascameraroll / Instagram

25,000 US dollars (the equivalent of around 22,000 euros) is said to have wasted Kopf in just one evening in a strip club. However, she writes on Twitter: « I don’t care. »

Almost 1.8 million subscribers follow Corinna on YouTube. There, the beauty shows her everyday life in video blogs, fashion and apartment clips, previously Kopf was known through the YouTube channel David Dobrik – one of the most successful vloggers in the world (over 18 million subscribers), who only felt the videos from excessive parties. And Corinna liked to drop by.

However, Kopf has not uploaded a video of his own for a year. She doesn’t have to either, Corinna makes her money mainly on Instagram and now mainly on « OnlyFans », where she uploads revealing pictures. The new trend platform allows this to be much more daring than the tried and tested selfie network from Facebook. The head is only allowed to present a little buttocks.

More skin, less fabric – that also brings significantly more cash. While visiting Dobrik some time ago, Corinna claimed to have made four million dollars in one month! That is the equivalent of around 3.6 million euros. Just a single nude picture on « OnlyFans » would have brought her the equivalent of 165,000 dollars (146,000 euros).

Head can therefore currently enjoy a luxury life in Los Angeles and even invest in real estate. In the garage there is a Ferrari F8 Spider (254,000 euros, 720 hp).

A party bill for $ 25,000 – probably just peanuts for your head …

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