Pablo could make a lot of money on OnlyFans today

As you know, here in the vlog I show every now and then a video clip of athletic men that I recorded for my brand « Athletic-Star ».

My first stop on a four-week production trip to several gay hot spots around the world was Miami Beach. I knew my way around there from previous trips and had few problems recruiting models ?? especially since the clips were aesthetic and the boys kept their pants on.

I got to know Pablo through another model, which I’ll be showing here soon. He was one of the numerous dancers in the gay clubs who kept themselves afloat with several jobs in Miami.

These guys might make a lot of money these days as influencers or through OnlyFans. It used to be a little different. I remember a shirt that said « Model ?? Waiter ?? Whatever ». I often tell this anecdote and get at least a smile.

Unfortunately, I lost contact with Pablo. He was a shy man from Central America who hopefully could realize his dream in the USA.

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