Perth mum shares insane dishwasher hack on TikTok for making cutlery clean

A Perth mum has revealed her secret weapon for ensuring the cutlery comes out of the dishwasher without smudges and instead has that sparkling clean look.

Carolina McCauley took to TikTok to share the unusual product she pops into the dishwasher before turning it on.

In the video, she scrunches up a piece of tinfoil into a ball and places it in the cutlery holder of the dishwasher.

She advises people to then wash as usual and pulls out the cutlery to show three sparkling spoons.

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Many followers were left confused about how it worked.

“I need to know the science,” one user wrote.

“What scientific magic is this,” another asked.

“Wow will have to try this I’m so sick of my silverware not being clean,” one woman said.

But others were sceptical about the hack, with some saying they had tried it and it did not work.

Other users were worried that the hack could ruin their dishwasher.

The mum, who has 1.2 million followers, shares a number of home hacks on her TikTok page from how to naturally deodorise rugs, to getting rid of carpet dents, restoring rusty knives and washing vacuum parts.

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