Pop star Mia Julia can now be seen naked on « OnlyFans »


25. August 2020 – 18:32 Clock

Singer Mia Julia pulls naked again

Oh, là, là, Mia Julia shows her bare skin again! The 33-year-old is actually known – more or less dressed – as a singer at Ballermann. But in her past it was also more revealing. Because Mia Julia used to be in front of the camera for porn. And now the pop star is again causing his fans to gasp: Mia Julia can currently be seen naked on « OnlyFans ». In the video, she explains why she poses without a shell on the online platform.

Naked facts for 15 euros

Ballermann star Mia Julia has two great passions: she likes to sing and she likes to get naked – often at the same time. And the 33-year-old can now live out that on the online platform « OnlyFans ». There is already a lot of hype around the social network in the USA. While other portals such as Instagram have strict rules (especially when it comes to nudity), the celebs at « OnlyFans » can show themselves completely uninhibited and offer uncensored content – because the site is only 18 years old. However, fans also have to pay to see the content. For the bare facts of Mia Julia it is 15 euros a month.

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