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Dear Akasha Community Members:

An essential aspect of any vaccine is its safety – that is, it does not harm; The other aspect is its effectiveness: it must protect us from infecting ourselves, from the possibility of infecting others if we do so and, above all, from getting sick.

I share with you this study, conducted on November 16, 2021 by Rolf Steyer and Gregor Kappler. The first author is Professor Emeritus of the Friedrich Schiller University, Jena (https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Rolf-Steyer), and the second was Professor at the University of Vienna and the University of Jena. Both have training in Medical Statistics, Causal Probabilistics, Biomathematics and Clinical Psychology. They can be contacted by mail at rolf.steyer@uni-jena.de, mail@g-kappler.de

Their study investigated the correlation between excess mortality and vaccination rates during weeks 36-40 of 2021 in Germany, taking into account the number of inhabitants in each state. A correlation coefficient of 0.31 was found. This is high and goes in the opposite direction to what would be expected if vaccines actually reduced mortality from COVID-19 and if they were not associated with serious health problems that could cause the death of the vaccinated (If the coefficient were negative it would imply that the higher the vaccination, the lower the excess mortality). In other words, they found evidence that the more you vaccinate, the more there is excess mortality.

It is true that a correlation does not imply causality (you can see this topic developed at https://odysee.com/@akashacomunidad:0/ClaseBasicaEpidemiologiaCausalidad:b), but it offers important information on trends and patterns that can be alarming. Regardless of what is causing the excess deaths, there is a clear statistical correlation, which should be investigated in depth, and as long as there is no clear answer on the causes of this excess mortality, the correct and responsible thing would be to stop mass vaccination.

I clarify that the study has not yet been published in a journal after a peer review process, but the data they investigated is official (from the Government of Germany) and the analyzes are correctly carried out.

To conclude, the results they obtained have a marked relevance for current vaccination policies, which in some places is beginning to be mandatory. There is no scientific or medical justification for making something mandatory that not only does not prevent transmission (much evidence on that point has already been presented in the Akasha Community Channel) but increases excess mortality.

The study can be viewed at: https://www.skirsch.com/covid/GermanAnalysis.pdf

I hope this material is useful to you and I send you greetings, Karina AW

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