Save videos and pictures (instructions)

How to save videos and pictures from OnlyFans.

1. Download videos from OnlyFans with Downloader

There are now special pages or extensions for browsers that can be used to download OnlyFans videos. How long these pages will stay online and whether you will not download malware onto your PC with such a process, that cannot be said. Therefore, I will not link a page here. Just google something like « OnlyFans Video Downloader“That should get you there quickly. But I think that it is in the interest of OnlyFans and the creators to take such sites and apps off the net quickly. So the second method of saving OnlyFans videos is probably a better choice."

2. Save OnlyFans videos by screen recording

Just as you can take a screenshot to save a revealing picture of OnlyFans, you can also simply film the screen. The iPhone even has this feature preinstalled. You can find the official instructions from Apple here. Incidentally, this also works with the Mac. If you don’t have an Apple device, you can use apps and free PC programs to watch OnlyFans videos. Just search for “record screen” on Google or in the store. You should find what you are looking for quickly and you can save your favorite OnlyFans videos.

Save images from OnlyFans

With pictures, all you have to do is take a screenshot and save it in your gallery. That’s nothing more.

Can I download videos and pictures from OnlyFans?

First, let’s see what the company says about it. In the Terms of Service (Terms of Service) of OnlyFans it is stated under point 8.2.3. That one may download or print out a copy of a reasonable number of pages of the website for one’s own, non-commercial use. However, reproduction, publication and distribution is prohibited. This basically coincides with Section 53 of German copyright law. As long as you only save the videos and pictures locally and don’t redistribute them in any way, that’s probably not a problem. You are not allowed to reproduce, publish or redistribute them. This does not constitute legal advice.

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