Sexting: can erotic SMS activate desire?

To meet, to reveal yourself differently … What if you tried the game of seduction via sexting? In the era of the pursuit of pleasure, can « sexting » activate desire? Contraction of sex and text, the sext is a naughty, erotic SMS message even of a sexual nature. Sexting can fan the flame in the couple or seduce a conquest. But what does a sext trigger? Why test the sext and how to go about it? Here are some ideas.

Important: the dissemination of a photo of a sexual nature without the consent of the person who receives it or of the person who appears in the photo (revenge porn) is punishable by law.

What does a sext trigger?

Did you know that the most important sexual organ is the brain? So let’s mobilize it and involve it. Desire, pleasure, sexuality constitute an exciting, rich and complex territory at the same time. The sext allows to share what the partners feel for each other. This (agreed) exchange of naughty ideas or images with your partner can cause desire and physical arousal. Physiologically, writing and reading a sext can trigger lubrication in women and an erection in men.

By sharing for example what you would like to « do » or what you would like to « experience », the brain and bodily feelings are mobilized. You can for example detail a future accomplice and / or naughty massage, or just announce « the program », give a « special » appointment.

A word of advice: approach and experience sexting as a prelude to the meeting, thus mobilizing your brain as a real erogenous zone. The sexting can then be experienced as a verbal caress in order to provoke the desire for a rapprochement, an emotion, an erotic reaction, or even the desire for a sexual relationship. In this particular case, sexting can help activate desire if the libido is somewhat dormant. On the other hand, it is important to know that in case of sexual blockage, sexting will be as ineffective as traditional foreplay.

Sexting for …

Give another flavor to everyday life

Sometimes it might be easier to get a message across in writing. A sext can actually be an opportunity to surprise the other with an unusual vocabulary: naughty, tender, even more evocative. Sexting can become a game, a medium for developing or daring your phantasmagoric imagination, whether you choose to take action or not.

Do you have a sudden urge, a sensual thrill going through you? Sexting is a discreet and effective way to send a direct message.

Prepare a sensual, sexual date

You can prepare the atmosphere in the morning, for example, and subtly punctuate the rest of the day. It can become like a treasure hunt, a naughty, sensual puzzle and more if affinity … The partner is « prepared ». Without catching off guard, the meeting will certainly be more effective.

To overcome the distance

If the partners are separated by a business trip, or like this year, by an epidemic, sexting can be a way of maintaining or strengthening the bond, the love bond. For the more daring, this can be another approach for love on the phone, for example.

They can also represent a space of memory in the idea of: « Remember the last time … when you did this … ».

In general, make sure beforehand that this practice is suitable for the other in order to guarantee a bond and a desire for a fulfilled rapprochement. Because the sext will have more chances to activate the desire if the two partners are completely in agreement to share on this ground and to excite each other.

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