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A hot SMS or WhatsApp message can sometimes be more exciting than direct contact with a person. We’ve all seen that before, haven’t we? Whether as a creative foreplay, a small suggestion during a long-distance relationship or because you want to impress the new flirt. But not all of us have a natural talent when it comes to writing the right text. You don’t want to directly scare off the person of desire, but in the best case make them think of one or two nice thoughts. Anyone who has ever been in the situation and googled sexting, sexting examples or dirty talk via SMS will notice that inspiring texts are rarely given. We want to remedy the situation. Here are the best sexting examples of hot inspiration: (Send him or her a photo of a massage oil, a massage candle, etc.) “… Do you already feel how the warm massage oil slowly drips onto your back and is gently distributed there by my hands? Do you smell the pleasant scent of the oil, feel my hands slowly brushing your back, wandering further down, while I notice how your breath accelerates as I stroke your inner thighs?  » « … I kiss you passionately. I groan when suddenly I feel your hand slide to the inside of my thigh. Your Schmuzler is not hidden from me. You enjoy how my breath gets deeper. But I can also feel your pleasure while I stroke your stomach and push my hand towards your boxer shorts. My Finers are eagerly awaited there and I’m starting to increase your desire …  » « … your hand was resting on my thighs the whole time. But suddenly I feel hot and cold at the same time when you push my panties aside. I love the way you move your fingers gently. My impatience grows and my breath becomes uncontrolled. I will quickly free you from your boxer shorts, where my fingers are apparently eagerly awaited. You sigh contentedly while my fingers close and I begin to gently move them up and down ..  » “… It’s warm outside, I’m lying in my bed and feel a slight breeze on my naked body. A white bed sheet hugs my body and feels pleasantly soft … I stretch out, think about you. How I would love to have you under my covers, the way your fingertips circling my navel, you look deep into my eyes, kiss me … Your hand strokes further down … just very lightly over my thigh … As I continue to loll towards you turn and passionately return your kisses … I would like to enjoy a nice summer evening with you like this and much more intensely!  » “I come home, wear my autumn coat, open the front door. It’s slightly dim in the apartment. You come towards me, put a finger on my lips and signal to me that I shouldn’t say anything. You take my bag from me, open my coat, take my hand and lead me into the bedroom, open the zipper of my dress and I stand in front of you in my underwear. Before I can devote myself to you, you press me on the bed and take my left hand, tie a cloth around my wrist and tie it to the end of the bed. You also tighten your right hand. I kneel on the bed, you sit behind me and push me forward so that I stretch my buttocks towards you. Your hands grip my bottom tightly and knead it. It almost hurts, you grip so hard. Your hands move on to the inside of my thighs, you massage them hard. I flinch, it’s uncomfortable and yet incredibly arousing. You take off my thong and bend down, wander with your tongue between my legs, feel how quickly I get wet, take two fingers and stick them in me and then take your tongue again … I moan and my arms start to tremble, your tongue is hard and you lick me so intensely. My moans get deeper and louder. You feel that I am about to come and you stop … I ask you to continue, but you cover my mouth and push me forward so that I lie on my stomach … Before I can ask you again not to stop , I feel how you penetrate me …  » « I’m lying very close to you in your bed … You can feel my breath on your cheek … We lie naked next to each other and breathe heavily with great pleasure … My hand slowly moves to your right thigh and the back of my hand brushes your member … It moves very gently down to then jump up and grip your cock tightly … While your member is now firmly in my hand, my tongue gently touches your glans … I circle it and enjoy playing with her … Then I open my mouth slightly and my lips embrace yours Tail – only completely sat

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