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Ever heard of sexting? We explain to you what the term is all about and how you can use emojis for your dirty talk via WhatsApp & Co. Also: the emoji sex code test – how well do you know your way around?

Sexting is made up of « sex » and « texting », the English word for SMS writing. But since SMS are something from 2010, today’s sexting naturally means hot messages via WhatsApp & Co.

Sexting is something like Cybersex 2.0 and is used by many to heat each other up. Always in use: emojis. They enable sex talk even without words. How it works and which emojis mean which sexting messages – we’ll tell you!

Sexting: how well do you know your way around?

Eggplant, peach or banana – there are quite a few emojis that are clearly ambiguous. But do you understand every mess that is sent to you via WhatsApp or Facebook? In other words: do you know about emoji sexting?

Take our test and find out how well you really understand emoji sexting.

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Sexting messages: that’s what the emojis mean

For those who already diligently use the funny emojis for their love messages and have fun creating new messages, we have even more inspiration here.

Because there are plenty of well-known emoji variants in sexting and everyone will know what eggplant and peach mean in sexting, but imagination is also required here – and as we know, there are no limits.

So: Be creative with your sex messages and come up with particularly hot messages yourself. Here are the most common emojis and what they mean when sexting.

Aubergine = Penis
Banana = Penis
Maiskolben = Penis
nuts = Testicles
Crossed thumb = Handjob
Waterdrop = male ejaculation
honey pot = Vagina
peach = Female butt
Donut = Hole (whichever one)
Handcuffs = Bondage
Open mouth = Kissing / oral sex
Smiley with the tongue out = Oral sex
lollipop = oral
Hotdog = Sex
Piggy = be dirty
devil = be cool
Volcanic eruption = great orgasm
Raindrops = Sperm
Red light = No, thank you!
Green traffic light = ok

Combine emojis when sexting: what the symbols mean

Here are a few typical examples of combined emojis when sexting:

Eggplant + tongue = Blowjob
Eggplant + open mouth = Blowjob
Fist or open hand with eggplant = Handjob
Praying hands + eggplant = Missionarsstellung
Kneeling male + dog = Doggystyle
High heels or lipstick + dog = Doggystyle
Eggplant + peach = Anal sex
Banana + honey pot + fireworks = mega orgasm
Tongue + flower = Oral sex
Finger pointing to the side + OK sign = Sex
Donut + Banane = Sex
Corn on the cob + fist + water drop = Hand job until the final

And now it’s your turn! Let your imagination run wild and experiment wildly with the different emojis.

And don’t forget: While sexting you can laugh and of course you can ask questions if you don’t understand a station wagon or a symbol. You shouldn’t be serious about sexting with emojis.

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