Sexting: There are 2 types of perpetrators – one is particularly perfidious


Sexting: There are two types of perpetrators – one is particularly perfidious

Many young girls are victims of sexting offenders online.

Many young girls become victims of sexting offenders online.

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  • Duisburg offers training courses against sexual abuse online
  • Course leader Julia von Weiler describes what « sexting » can mean for children
  • Julia von Weiler explains how the sexting offenders proceed

Duisburg. Sexting“And violence in Duisburg? Teachers and later also students of two grammar schools in Duisburg are to be trained against sexual abuse online in October.

« After the big scandal in 2010, the bishops decided to hold training courses at episcopal schools in order to prevent this, » says Julia von Weiler in an interview with DER WESTEN.

She leads the training, is a qualified psychologist and managing director of the Berlin association: « innocence in Danger ».

Sexting: « I want to see your breasts »

But what exactly do the perpetrators write to the students Sexting and how can you defend yourself?

“The perpetrators specifically ask the young people for photos and videos of their naked bodies. They then ask: Do you already have pubic hair? I want to see your breasts, can you introduce yourself? ”Von Weiler sums up.

The perpetrators would also repeatedly send photos of their erect penis in their messages and then expect girls to respond with photos of their vagina and full body nude photos in return.


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Training manager: « It’s often too late »

“When the students come to the teachers, it is often too late. Then they have often already been manipulated by the perpetrators, have sent them nude photos and, upon request, have inserted objects vaginally, which are then filmed and sent. We are already talking about severe sexual abuse, ”said von Weiler.

With a stranger from Duisburg to Munich

Teachers often first have to gain sensitivity and understanding for the subject of « sexting ». « If a child tells the teacher that he or she wants to go from Duisburg to Munich with a stranger and feels a little uncomfortable about it, she has to be careful, » says von Weiler.

Out of shame, students would not tell their teachers in detail what they have already done and recorded for their tormentor on videos and photos.

Two types of perpetrators

Von Weiler says there are two types of perpetrators: « One is gradually building an intimate, friendly relationship on the Internet with the pubescent on the news. »

He is smart, skillful and manipulative, first complimenting the student and spending a lot of time on him. That way, the student would get attention. “Of course, at this age, that’s great for the student,” says von Weiler. Only then does the perpetrator ask for photos and induce the young person to engage in sexual acts that he actually does not want.

« The child is then already in love with the perpetrator and cannot imagine that he wants something bad for him, » says von Weiler.

« Hello, take off your clothes »

« Type 2 immediately expects sexual acts and photos, » explains von Weiler. He’s less subtle, but expects the same. “This type of offender gets to the point much faster,” explains von Weiler.

« He also quickly writes: ‘Hello, take off your clothes’ and: ‘Don’t be so prudish’. » The only thing that helps here is to be brave enough as a child and quickly ask yourself: Who can I talk to about it?  » so from hamlet.

This article first appeared on DER WESTEN on April 11, 2018

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