Sexto examples: Lots of sext examples to send tonight!

Want to send him a sensual text before sleeping so that he dreams of you tonight? This article « Sexto examples » offers you plenty of examples of sexting to send tonight!

Sexto examples: Lots of sext examples to send tonight!

1 / I’m so cold even though I’m under my blanket! Give me a minute, put on a T-shirt!

2 / I would like you to be with me right now.

3 / I’m watching a pretty sexy video of a man who looks a lot like you. (Attach an explicit video in which a very handsome man struts, so that your friend is flattered 😉)

4 // What are you wearing? I want to imagine you 🙂

5 / Guess the color of my underwear 😉

6 / My hands are busy but they took a break to send you a message

7 / I try to sleep but can’t. I keep imagining what I could do to you if you were near me …

8 / Did you dream of me caressing you last night?

9 / Intelligent men like to learn: do you prefer to learn or that I teach you?

10 / My favorite dance is the one you taught me on the pillow 🙂

Sextos examples: 10 more to find inspiration!

11 / I know we have to meet again tomorrow but I liked what we did so much last night that I can’t stand to wait another night to start again!

12 / When will you come to unwrap your surprise gift? (This sext works with a photo. Let me explain: you put on stockings, remove your bra, put on a tailored jacket that you fold over your chest. And there, assured effect. Your recipient will be in a hurry: run to join you.)

13) I want to put my head on your chest, and my lips on your neck (Using possessive adjectives is to prove to him that it is HIM and nobody else who gets you in all your states. And that, obviously, that excites.)

14) Earlier, when I went to your job, I saw you in a suit. You turn me on dressed like this! I would have given everything to be your secretary .
Bonus: possessive adjective + the secretary’s fantasy.

15/ I can not stand it anymore. I want your body. Your hands all over me. Your mouth on every part of my skin. I want to feel you hard on me. Hard in me.

16/ I am at the office and I imagine you naked in our white sheets. Your blonde hair cascading down your back. My hands on your breasts. My tongue in your neck which slides very gently between your two legs apart. Your quickening breath. Your back arching. The explosion.

17/ Come now. I only wear one thing: stockings and a garter belt.

18/ Tonight, if you’re nice, you’ll whisper your fantasy in my ear and I’ll make it come true.

19/ I’m dying to make love to you. Right away. Now.

20/ I’m addicted to you, to your body, to your scent. I want to be on you, in you, against you, with you. I would like to be in fusion, to be one and to start over and over again.

Sexting examples memories:

These sexting ideas are related to a shared hug that we have fond memories of. It’s a way to let her know that you liked it and want to start over.

“I really loved feeling you inside me. « 

“Yesterday was really too good. I want more. « 

« I see you again with your transparent nightie, I can’t take it anymore, strongly tonight. « 

“When I think back to last night, I still have chills in my stomach. And lower… ”

« I can still hear your moans from last night, I’m disturbed, I want to make you scream again. »

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