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Sextoys for gays – Discover all facets of lust

Your online shop LOVE AND VIBES has numerous advantages to offer when it comes to buying sex toys for gays in a relaxed manner: Your purchase in our shop is super discreet. you have one Huge selection at low prices and your item will be shipped on the day of the order if we receive the order before 4 p.m.

Order your gay toy alone or with your partner and discover completely new facets of gay pleasure together. With our sex toys for gays you create a new variety in bed. A prostate stimulator, a male dildo, a masturbator or another erotic accessory just for men will let you discover completely new charms.

How to choose your gay sex toys

LOVE AND VIBES has a very large range of sextoys and sex toys that are aimed at a very broad target group. We want to address all of our customers in their diversity and of course also Toys for gay men to offer. We have therefore created a new sub-category in the category of sex toys for him, in which we offer our best sex toys for gays.

LOVE AND VIBES – Your online sex shop for gays

You are guaranteed to find happiness in our product range. Between our natural dildos, anal plugs, XXL dildos, prostate stimulators, inflatable male sex dolls or silicone torsos with washboard abs, there are also numerous blowjob masturbators or rubber pussies with anus opening that promise a really authentic pleasure experience. Of course you can also find penis pumps and penis rings in our shop, with which you can put your best piece in the limelight.

Among our little helpers in the drugstore and wellness area, the anal lubricants and muscle-relaxing lubricants for anal intercourse are particularly noteworthy. The penis enlargement cream may also be of interest to you. If you cannot decide and would like to buy several items at a special price, we also offer you different sextoy sets where you get an interesting discount to get.

Strap on for gay couples

If you’re more of a sex toy that you’d like to share yours with make gay sex more stimulating, then maybe one of our hollow strap-on dildos is the right toy for you. They give your penis a different shape and maybe an inch or two in length that will benefit your partner in particular.

THE online shop for the gay man.

Another gay toy that only makes sense for two is the penis sleeve. Increase your penis volume and gain a few inches with a simple sleeve. Or choose a vibro sleeve that comes with a small vibro capsule. Other models are knobbed, grooved or have a different surface structure that makes sex even more attractive for you. With a penis extension you can last longer and have a harder erection! A great little pleasure donor also for the gay man.

Dildo for men

Big or small, long or short, thick or narrow – we at LOVE AND VIBES know our way around dildos! Our range not only includes simple dildos and realistic natural dildos, but also models with great extras, such as inflatable anal dildos, dildo vibrators or dildos with a rotation or push function.

No matter which criterion is most important to you, you will find the perfect male dildo for your needs with us.

Do not forget to order a suitable anal lubricant gel. Then the dildo shaft slides better and is even more fun!

Do you fancy anal fisting?

Fisting is popular with straight people and gays alike. We recently started a small one for this particular sex practice Selection of fisting dildos Releases. With these dildos in the shape of a fist or hand you can stretch your anus wonderfully. Our fist dildos are available in different sizes and stretch up to 7 cm! The two smaller models are equipped with a practical suction cup. Then you can also use these fisting dildos solo very well.

Inflatable sex dolls for gays

Our two inflatable men will do everything to make your wishes come true! Live out your gay sex fantasies with the two male sex dolls. One of the two male dolls is supplied with a vibrator, while the other male doll is equipped with realistic hands and feet and a permanently integrated penis vibrator and an anus.

Plugs and anal dildos for men

Butt plugs and butt plugs can be found in our sex shop under the brand PLUG and PLAY. The great combination of plug and penis ring is particularly suitable for men. A plug is inserted into the anus, while a penis and testicle ring at the front ensures stamina and stamina.

The best gay masturbator

Many masturbators are aimed at straight men with the detailed replica of a vagina. Many models are also designed in the form of a narrow anus and are therefore perfect for the gay man who is looking for a solo sextoy for his lonely hours. Other masturbators, whose pleasure opening is designed in the shape of a mouth, give your masturbation a moist blowjob touch.

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